Pioneering permanent magnet technology for wind

We challenged the wind industry by making permanent magnet generators (PMGs) and full-power converters the preferred technology for wind turbines. Now, nearly all new large-power wind turbine designs have permanent magnet and full-power converter drive trains.

Today, we optimize and tailor-make medium-speed PMGs especially for selected OEMS.


Permanent magnet generators – maximized energy yields

The Switch permanent magnet generators (PMGs) increase annual energy production (AEP), minimize total life cycle costs (TCLs) and fulfill the strictest grid code requirements. Together with a full-power converter, they enable high reliability, better overall efficiency and the ultimate future-proof grid code compliance.

Permanent magnet generators are widely adopted by the wind power industry. Because there are no wearing parts, PMGs ensure low failure rates and require less maintenance. The use of permanent magnets requires no external power source to initiate a magnetic field. This reduces costs, simplifies the structure and improves system efficiency.

As a pioneer, we challenged the wind industry first by making PMGs the preferred technology for offshore wind turbines and then making them commercially available to onshore turbines.